Meet the Abergele Dental Practice Team


Our Dental Practice will be open to see more patients from 6th July. We will be able to see you if you are experiencing dental pain and some other problems that need to be addressed by a dentist in person.

Prioritising patients in need

We are prioritising patients in need, including anyone who has suffered pain during lockdown. For routine treatment we will advise you by phone when you can come.

Please do not visit our practices for any reason unless you are asked to do so. The front door will be locked.

If you do suffer dental pain, or need advice from a dentist, please call us. We are available to offer you advice and support by phone.


Things will be a little different at the Surgery and we have introduced a series of measures to protect our patients –

  • When your first called by us to arrange an appointment you will be asked a set of Covid-19 questions and if there are no issues from this, an appointment will be made.
  • The day before or the morning of your appointment we will call you to check your Covid-19 screening answers, check your medical history and to ask you to phone the Practice when you have arrived for your appointment as the door will be locked. If your early, then you may have to wait outside till the surgery is ready and if your late we may have to rearrange you due to strict timings between patients for cleaning.
  • You will need to come alone if possible, ideally with no personal belongings (there will be a container available for you to put your things in before you enter the surgery) and a face covering, you will be advised that the toilets are closed.
  • When you have arrived at the Practice and called us a member of staff will escort you in. We immediately ask you to hand sanitise and you will either be taken straight into the surgery or asked to sit for a moment in our waiting room.
  • Once your treatment has been completed you escorted back to the office where again you will be asked to hand sanitize. If required, then we will ask you for payment via card machine or cash and if needed we will ask you to sign the relevant forms.
  • Before leaving the premises, you will again be asked to hand sanitise.

Opening times

Please contact the practice on our normal opening times